Jean-Pierre Melville

Designer, Adventurer & Leader

"I chose design as a tool to help change the world for the better, by bringing products and optimizing solutions in order to improve quality of life and hopefully joy in people. This has manifested itself in the sharing, returning and sustaining of knowledge for myself, my clients and our community".


With many years of experience as an industrial designer, I've learned a lot about leadership. I've led projects and teams, and I'm good at planning, organizing, and guiding to get things done. Communication is one of my strong suits – I work well with my team, suppliers, and others involved. I've also built solid relationships with suppliers. I enjoy helping junior team members and interns and managing workshops. Problem-solving and adapting to changes are my everyday tasks, and I like to encourage innovative thinking and set the direction. All in all, my leadership skills have grown over the years and play a key role in my work as an industrial designer.

My experience as an industrial designer has honed my design management skills. I excel at planning, organizing, and leading design projects, with a strong emphasis on effective communication to ensure team collaboration. Additionally, I've built strong relationships with suppliers, mentored junior personnel and interns, and efficiently overseen workshops. Problem-solving and adaptability are second nature to me, and I take pride in fostering innovative thinking while providing clear guidance to my teams. These skills form the cornerstone of my role as a design manager, ensuring successful outcomes in creative projects.

I have extensive knowledge and practicle expersine with product complience and the testing that goes along with it.

I am fammiliar with the following standards:

  • EN71

  • ASTM F963

  • EN1176

  • ASTM F1487-21

  • EN1881

  • EN1621-(1-3)

I am an expert prototyper and have managed the prototyping workshop for the past years at REV'IT! Sport International.

I am familiar with numerous prototyping methods like:

  • 3D printing
  • CNC
    • Shapeoko Pro 5
    • Stepcraft m1000
    • Vcarve
    • Gcode
  • Vacuum Forming
  • Low Yield Moulding
  • Finishing

I have extensive experience with multiple 3D programs. I am proficient in parametric, non-parametric and mesh modelling. my 3D surfacing skills are excellent.


List of Programs:

Rhino 3D

Grasshopper 3D



PTC Creo


My extensive experience as an industrial designer seamlessly transitions into the User Experience (UX) design arena. Having led projects, I possess strong project management skills vital for crafting user-centric solutions. Effective communication, problem-solving, and adaptability are central to my approach, ensuring I understand and address user needs in innovative ways. My human-centric design thinking, visionary approach, and ability to inspire innovation align perfectly with UX principles. Collaboration with diverse teams and stakeholders is my forte, and my experience in building user relationships mirrors the emphasis on empathy and user research in UX design. My background equips me to excel in creating user-friendly and effective solutions, placing me firmly within the UX design domain

List of Programs:


I have extensive experience with multiple 2D programs.

List of Programs: